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Miami’s South Beach has been considered to be the major and most popular tourist spot when compared to other in the world. In recent days the area has become more influential and several new trends have got started. Therefore as soon as I heard about this beach, I thought it is really a big scam. On the success of the products of South Beach Diet, many people wanted to piggy back and use the name of the area for promotional purpose. But many a times these attempts did not give a positive result.

Smoke Anywhere with South Beach Smoke Electronic Cigarettes

Hence in order to provide review for you, firstly I decided to purchase the product. Although purchasing the product from South Beach Smoke did not bring any surprise. The whole experience of checking out and ordering was really nice and it is said I go well treated. Later they mailed me regarding my order, its process, package and other details. But the bad experience which I felt is that the bad shipping. Even though I am staying nearby, the delivery of the product was too late and sometimes the orders were lost. It is a well known fact that, the South Beach Company has got an official recognition from the Business Bureau of South Florida. They have made a great job by giving publicity in media such as in OK Weekly, MTV and New York Post. I am sure that it is working out well for them. The customer service which they offer is also really good.


Some manufacturers pack the product in such a way that you cannot open the pack very easily. Where it feels that they are in an opinion that you should not get the particular product. But here the packing is really good that it can be easily opened. The Logo of the South Beach is perfectly visible on the package of the cigarette. It is effortless to spot the one who likes to do smoke electronically. So this may not be a proper choice for them.

South Beach smoke has been involved in manufacturing of 2 types of electronic cigarettes. While the first one is of two-piece design where as the other is of three-piece design. The three-piece design is available with the Super MAXTM battery along with the disposable cartridges. Nowadays majority of the manufacturers have engaged in producing three piece designs. But as per my opinion, within 5 years, two-piece styles dominate the other. Earlier a biggest problem faced by the SBS cigarettes was its battery life and for this reason they introduced new batteries. The Super MAXTM is considered to be the major battery used for the electronic cigarettes and it is of lithium-ion. The normal lithium-ion battery gets about 250 – 350 puffs/charge whereas the new batteries gets about 450-550. It is enough if you just buy it and plug in and it facilitates in doubling the power. South Beach Smoke utilizes the new and latest technology in order to maximize the vapor production level. But the level of vapor in this product is really good but it becomes little difficult to claim that it is the best among other which I’ve seen till now. Although the draw is considered to be very consistent as well as nice. Whenever you take a puff, it is observed that the LED which is of orange color switches on the crystal tip. It facilitates in providing convincing and worthy ‘fire’ effect. I believe that their work in the department of smoking is well-mannered but not miraculous.


The best feature is their system of delivery. Whenever you need cartridges, you can log on to your account and can place the order instead of calling them each time or logging over online. Another best thing what you can do is setting up of recurring order in order to get cartridges in time. Hence in this way the cartridges can be made available to your place. Inspite of providing convenient service, it also helps you out in saving the hard earned money. South Beach Smoke also proposes several membership programs in order to help you out in saving your money. It not only helps you in saving your money but it also provides the lifetime warranty for the product whatever you purchase. But if you are living in Canada, don’t forget that you will be not having any option to get the product over ship. In recent days customers have given lots of reviews over online by criticizing the scam of South Beach Smoke. As soon as we read the review we come to know that the customers have not understood properly about the concept of product. We come to know that majority of them have chosen the recurring delivery with having complete knowledge about it. Even some of them have seen the extra charges over the card as unwarranted. Therefore blindly you can disregard about these unwanted reviews.


The starter kit of Deluxe Plus is the one which I reviewed. It is considered to be the most prominent kit. It is the best choice if you want to take the benefit of the electronic smoking. The Deluxe Plus Kit costs about $89.99 comprising of user manual, 5 nicotine cartridges, universal car adapter, universal carrying case, deluxe USB charger, portable wall charger, extra capacity battery and the standard battery. But unluckily the portable charging unit is not available and it would have felt better if it was available. But on whole the starter kit of Deluxe Plus is really tremendous.

The Starter kit of Deluxe Plus comprises of a two-piece design with the battery which is upgraded and the cartridges which is of disposable. The atomizer and the cartridge are of one piece which eliminates the need of the third component. It is necessary that the battery should be long lasting for heavy smokers and for light smokers it is necessary to last minimum of two weeks. It is available with the best features such as extra capacity battery, standard battery, user manual, cartridges with different flavors and wall charger. Its costs about $59.99.

The Starter Kit of Deluxe Ultimate is considered to be the king which is available in various flavors of 15 large cartridges, user manual, carrying case, USB charger, wall charger, personal charging case, high capacity battery and standard battery. It costs of about $159.99 and as it comprises of portable charging case, it is really great. While it is must and should nowadays. If the starting kit of Deluxe is too much then they will provide reusable kit. It costs about $29.99. It is considered to be the cheapest when compared to others. The Reusable Express Kit has been designed in order to make easy the introduction of electronic smoking. It is available with the user manual, 1 cartridge, USB charger and SuperMax battery.


The carrying case of this product helps you out in carrying out the accessories of your e-cigarette in one compressed pack. It also fits into your purse or your pocket. The major difficulty with various brands is regarding the charge which feels very huge wall-wart which makes difficult while charging. Especially when you do not have much space in your power strip. However the SBS charger has got the cord which facilitates in taking little bit space in your outlet. It is the best design even seen.

In Use

They use several flavors such as chocolate, vanilla, menthol, tobacco and cherry and all these are really good. The ultra light, full flavor and zero-nicotine are the strength options. SBS is manufactured in two smoking styles which comprises of manual and automatic. The automatic approach is suitable for the Casual smokers where the battery comes into action whenever you take a drag. Although for all the people who need control, they select the manual option. So by this way you can build immense cloud of vapor for the purpose of inhaling and as well for cool smoking tricks. The products of South Beach Smoke shine in the production of its Vapor. The striking 4.2 V batteries help out in bringing heavy vapor which leads the customers to smoke satisfactorily. As we have tested, we cannot give assurance for these kinds of results with other sorts of kits. This is because in the absence of upgraded batteries with other kits.

These electronic cigarettes are built quite solid. Each type comes in white as well black with the orange LED and clear crystal tip. The customizer screws are really easy and as well as the inhale is also quite nice. At the time of disposable, is can be easily filled up with the liquid flavors of your own. If you choose the mode of automatic then there will be no delay between vapor hitting and the inhale which is good.

Although as the product is good, we can find some of the downers

Instead of using the services of UPS and FedEx, they use the service of USPS. This seems to be little bit slower. Hence it takes little bit time for the product packing as well as arriving. The holes of the air intake have been situated in the place where the cartomizer adjoins to the body. So if you hold the cigarette as like the normal cigarette then it helps in the smoothing of the hole occasionally. Obviously it does kill the inhale. The other brands comprise of the hole at the top and it seems like the best design. Another disadvantage may be the flavor. Where they are neither mind-blowing nor terrible. Secondly they have only 5 various kinds of e-liquid flavors. If we consider the other competitors, the flavors which they are manufacturing is really too less such that others are manufacturing about 10-20 flavors. It can make a fair profit if it offer more number of tobacco flavors because many customers like the tobacco flavors. You will not find any coupons of South Beach Smoke anywhere over online. Although discounted links are available over several blogs of electronic cigarette review over the internet.


The existence of South Beach Smoke is from long back of electronic cigarettes. It is doing a great job in adopting new technologies and trends as per the taste and habits of the customers. It is also available on the cheapest rate in the market at present and the powerful batteries have added to its amazing features. Even though it has both strength as well weakness, it is offering a decent product for a fair price. However the South Beach Smoke is considered to be the great company offering well-mannered product. If it continues in the same manner, definitely the company continues for the longer period.

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25 Reviews

  1. The first time I browsed through South Beach Smoke’s website, I was just impressed by the selection. They really offer something for every type of smoker, no joke. Flavors, nicotine strengths, accessories that take you from home to the car, to the office, the mobile office, vacation, anywhere! I ordered my first starter it that day, and haven’t looked back. Such a great company to do business with, and their e-cigs come everywhere with me!

  2. Definitely the best E-cigarettes you can find right now. A lot of the others break easily, have bad cartridges, and can’t produce enough vapor. I love that they are always updating their products, and coming out with new gadgets. I am very happy with the level of quality, and the way they work. Excellent prices, too. South beach Smoke electronic cigarettes are amazing!

  3. Really great prices for the high quality. I have seen some serious rip offs from some e-cigarette companies, and I am so glad to have been referred to South Beach Smoke! Best brand, for sure. My best friend used the for about 6 months before I started, and I knew she knew what she was talking about. The batteries are amazing, they can go for days with causal use. The different chargers work nicely for me, and I like the convenience a whole lot. Goodbye smoke, goodbye mess, goodbye tar! This is the smartest way to smoke for sure!

  4. this is BY FAR the most and best amount of vapor i’ve ever experiences with an e-cig!!! my fave flavor is the menthol but they all produce the same amount of vapor anyways. South beach smoke is the 4th brand i’ve tried and i for sure am sticking with it (Finally right???) before i had v2, blue and greensmoke and none of them produce this much vapor… I LOVE SBS

  5. I have been a South Beach Smoke electronic cigarette user for over 6 months, with a really excellent experience in every way. Hence the reason I am leaving this review! They have an amazing customer service department, and they make just the best e-cigarettes. You do not get better vapor than this, and the throat hit from these is nicely satisfying. I am a really big fan, and a very happy customer!

  6. I have saved plenty of money since I started using e-cigs from South Beach Smoke. Coming from tobacco, these are no match for them. I love all the freedom, and I feel so much healthier and cleaner. It’s really nice to not stink all the time too. My advice for new customers: get the Personal Charging Case, and join the Home Delivery-worth the cost for sure!

  7. South beach Smoke has an excellent customer service department. I like that a lot about them, and especially the fact that they get back to you really quickly if you shoot out an email. These have a great vapor, which has such a pleasant feeling to it. No smell at all! The vapor feels different than smoke, but it is really potent and you will definitely feel it in your throat. They are such a great brand!

  8. I have South Beach Smoke’s Basic Deluxe starter kit, the PCC, and a few days ago, I received my newest (Home Delivery) shipment of refill cartridges with the new Tobacco Blue flavor. I have been with this company for a long while, and really like everything. Service, shipping on the home delivery, product selection, the quality and performance of these is really good and I entirely happy with them. I love my PCC to death!

  9. I love South Beach Smoke! Such awesome products they have, and are always coming out with. They make me feel much better than I ever felt with tobacco cigarettes, and I love how much more affordable they are. They feel great, and if you are a smoker like me who enjoy the monotonous experience of smoking, these will work great. I never actually paid a lot of attention to the act of smoking, it was just something I did. These work just the same for me. Vapor is excellent. Nicotine is so god it never leaves me with cravings. Amazing!

  10. I love South Beach Smoke for the times I love me an occasional bit of vaping. I don’t use them daily, but when I just want a little nicotine with intense flavor, they satisfy perfectly. I love the convenience, and how these can go anywhere. Not messy by any means! Worth every penny, and much better priced than traditional cigarettes. Tobacco is a waste of everything, go vapor!

  11. South Beach Smoke e-cigarettes are such amazing and have done me a world of good! I try to live as consciously as I possibly can and e-cigarettes are the perfect alternative to tobacco for me. I feel good about them because they do not encourage wastefulness, and they are much better health wise. These have a great concept, and the batteries work really good. They took some getting used to but, they are so much better in so many ways than regular cigarettes, so they really overpass the few minutes it takes to learn to use them!

  12. I am such a happy South Beach Smoke customer. They have amazing batteries, really great chargers, and fun accessories. In general, I vape a few times a day, and they
    last a really, really long time for me. The cartomizers are much better than others I have used, and they don’t leak! The liquid nicotine in them is really potent, and works like a charm. They ship really fast, too!

  13. After using South Beach for a few months, I am sure they are the most consistent of all the electronic cigarettes I have tried. The flavors have been the same since day one: perfect. Battery life is good. Customer service is reliable. Nice looking pieces, too. Great brand of e-cigs, you won’t be disappointed!

  14. I am a nurse, and I wanted to quit smoking desperately. I had heard about e-cigarettes from everyone I work with, and the top brand is South Beach. So, I got a starter kit, and was really impressed from the beginning. I cannot believe the ease of these things, and how nice they work! All in all, really happy I ordered this kit- e-cigs rock!

  15. I was a really heavy smoker, and did not think I would really ever be able to quit in my lifetime. I’m talking a 22 year habit, and more than that many times trying to quit. I was really skeptical about e-cigarettes, and I figured that I had nothing to lose. But after trying them, I saw what all the rage is about, and really love them! I am extremely pleased, and if I can quit cigarettes with these, anyone can!

  16. These electronic cigarettes are fantastic! After trying a slew of brands, South Beach Smoke is for sure my favorite. I love the way they work, and I love the wonderful way SBS is always coming out with new products to keep things. The PCC is so awesome! Great brand, great e-cigs. Very happy customer here.

  17. It is really hard to find an e-cigarette company that has the level of quality that South Beach Smoke has. I am so impressed with them, and I’ve been a customer for more than a year! They are always updating the products, staying on top of trends, and coming out with exciting stuff. I am really happy with the excellent accessories, and especially the Personal Charging Case. I find the prices to be very competitive, and when you factor in how well they work, and how you really won’t be replacing them constantly, you get your money’s worth. I have had a really great experience with South Beach.

  18. South Beach Smoke is my number one electronic cigarette brand. They do it all, and make being a customer worthwhile. It’s nice being a part of a community of e-smokers, because it’s like we are in this together! I am really happy with the excellence of the batteries, and I love the Personal Charging Case so much! I love the trivia contests on their Facebook page, too!

  19. I have been using South Beach Smoke e-cigs for a while now, and they have been amazing. I am really glad I started with this brand because they work perfectly. They have great prices, and are always running sales. I am always looking to save money, and being part of the Home Delivery program is the best thing you can do as an e-cig user. The savings are tremendous. I love the product selection, and the new flavors are delicious. Best e-cig brand for sure!

  20. South Beach Smoke e-cigarettes have been amazing for me. I love them! I have tried both models, and I think the Deluxe style is totally worth the extra money. I have also tried both switches too, Auto is my fave. I really enjoy the experience, and how smooth the vapor goes down- highly satisfying. They have excellent customer support, and just really great policies. Fast shipping, too!

  21. No other electronic cigarette company matches up in every way to South Beach Smoke. Everyone I know uses them! I have single handedly turned on 6 different family members to these, and it’s so much fun during big family gatherings now! The whole crew of us smokers no longer have to be segregated outside to smoke! The value, the quality, the convenience are unimaginable if you have been smoking regular cigarettes. Thanks, SBS- you guys are amazing!