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In today's e-cig market, Eversmoke is creating new sensation because of its plenty of positive reviews on the internet. After getting into their reviews I was little excited to check what all they are offering for myself in the kit. And so far I have not disappointed because it is worth for what we are paying. I can't say it's perfect, that I will go into details why, but overall is worth.


When we speak about the e-cig, first thing we will notice about details of the Eversmoke. And the website is really well designed, streamlined on entire ordering process. As I told I got surprised when I got my kit with excellent packing with nothing out of place when compared with any other electronic cigarette manufactures.

Once this package was arrived I really felt special by their sleek package with the flyer, and it will come in a really tight manner. Compared with other kits this is really good because of its printing quality and solid material so that it won’t look like fall apart in 5 minutes. The premium space is really great at positioning their products even though pricing is not high. If we speak from business point of view their goals are willing to skimp on packaging to make an extra dollar. These show their ability of making short term thinking and are not concerned with sticking around.

This e-cig comes mainly in three different colors, i.e. black, silver and cigarette paper which look exactly like a regular cigarette. When it comes to the assembly of this e-cig it is really very easy and feel pretty solid, and they produce very strong vapor and overall consistency is too good.


Cartridges are designed very well so that it can give most amount of vapor possible along smooth draw. And this technology is called as Vapor max. They offer cartridges with and without nicotine those who just enjoy smoking. It is also useful for people who have weaned themselves slowly from the heaviest strengths all the way down and just smoking out of habit. And options here available are 6 mg, 12 mg and 18 mg depending on how much of a kick you need.

When we speak about the flavor this Eversmoke definitely raises the bar. They have 10 tastes as and they offer sampler packs which let you try a few to find your favourites. Flavors include different types of tobacco, menthol, peppermint, vanilla, coffee, cherry, peach and pina colada. Overall its really nice and subtle flavor to smoking experience because flavors are not too sweet or overpowering.

Ever smoke uses the very advanced lithium ion batteries which are of 3 types: Mini, Standard and High capacity. This electronic cigarette will operate in two different modes Manual and automatic. The vaporizing action will take place automatically when a person inhales whereas in manual there is a small button which needs to be pressed to initiate the operation. But one advantage of manual is that there will be no wastage of vapor and one can build required amount of vapor which can be gulped at a time. All these variations have made the ever smoke cigarette outstanding for the smokers.


They mainly offer four different kits according to different price points:

  1. Eversmoke Basic starter kit is for starters and which sells for roughly $60 depending where you buy it. This kit comes with a short battery, USB charger, owner's manual, wall charger and 5 cartridges.
  2. Eversmoke premium starter kit for roughly $80. This kit comes with a short battery, owner’s manual, USB charger, 5 cartridges and wall charger.
  3. Eversmoke ultimate starter kit sells for roughly $110. This kit comes with a short battery, long battery, USB charger, owner's manual, wall charger, 15 cartridges, carrying case, and car adapter.
  4. And this fourth is Ultimate plus starter kit costs about $155. This kit comes with a high capacity standard battery, USB charger, owner's manual, portable wall charger, 15 cartridges, Black carrying case, car adapter and personal charging case.

In this electronic cigarette there is a car charger which can be used to charge the cigarette at your go. There is a USB charger which can be used at your work place when you are in front of the computer. They have also provided a lanyard which can be hanged around your neck for ease of charging. You can choose batteries from miniature and high capacity based on your requirement.

Personal charging case is really smart because it can hold up to 5 cartridges as well as standard batteries, keeping them charged while they're stored in personal charger. So where ever you go your e-cig will be charged all day long. I think more manufacturers will start offering this soon by seeing Eversmoke.


The way pricing of the cigarettes are made in Eversmoke is completely different. It is very rare to get an electronic cigarette pack in bundle. But they have released a 15 packs bundle which is very much comfortable for those who smoke frequently. Even though the upfront cost of the pack is high, when you calculate the cost of each cigarette, you will be in a profitable side. If you are in an aim of purchasing electronic cigarette which can be used for a whole week then this is the best choice. There is variety of packs which comes in 15 numbers which costs $40, a pack which contains 70 cigarettes will cost $70 and a pack of 45 will cost around $100. Along with these cost benefits, they also offer a money back guarantee within 30 days which is very much required when the taken in bulk.

When it comes to the smart business move we need not to contact them every time to order more cigarettes because they keep your credit card on file for easy reordering which to be honest was a bit worry for me. I personally don't like companies who to keep my details. The usual procedure is that the details are stored temporarily only for the transaction and the whole thing are encrypted so nobody has access. It is said that it is a really convenient way to reorder when I plan out and helps to complete the process quickly. If this is worried issue well you can rest assured that they have a great rating from the better business bureau around.

The customer service of the Eversmoke is really outstanding. When I ordered for a kit, they had been updating me the status of the order through the mail frequently. Also they delivered the kit very quickly beating my expectations.


Eversmoke is somewhat new technology in the market by implementing all the new ideas in it, when compared with other manufacturers. Eversmoke is on the top of their marketing, packaging, smoking experience and flavors. This is the right product and if you’re first timer then check out this starter kit and see for yourself whether it's a brand you can live with. If you need any specific information on the product you can always reach out to the customer service and they will be very happy to serve your needs.

If you are not satisfied with the flavor or any other aspects of the electronic cigarette brands, then I suggest you to try this out for one time. Am sure you will like it and order more and more in future as they have got extended batteries and unique flavour.

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EverSmoke Reviews

  1. I started using EverSmoke e-cigs after several friends recommended them. I smoked pretty heavily, so I felt it was worth it to try them out. All three friends have quit using them, and I was really hoping for the same results. What I liked immediately was how nicely packaged the kit was, and as for performance, I was really taken aback- I did not think it would really be so much like a regular cigarette. I love them, and it’s been 2 months now without a cigarette. The vapor has a great feeling in my throat and I love how the flavors play such a role in the experience. The cost savings have also been amazing!

  2. I am always happy with EverSmoke. The e-cigarettes are the finest you can find anywhere, none come close to these. They perform very well, without problems. I’ve been a customer for months now, with only amazing experiences. The customer support is always on top of things, with no runaround, and excellent communication. My favorite thing is the great line of accessories they offer! I love being free to enjoy my e-cigs wherever I chose without disturbing anyone.